MAY 10TH, 2019..."8 BATZ"

The Season of our “Galactic Freedom” is Now…!

     According to the Ancient Olmec “Long Count Calendar”, which has been mathematically, environmentally and Galactically correct for the last 5,125 – 6,000 years, on this exact day of May 10th, 2019, (the Long Count Calendar- “Lunar New Year”)  a new “time encapsulated, and “time-released”, “Dark Energy Frequency” began to “Morph/ Pulse”, from within our planets living, Self-Conscious, planetary core.  Based on the purpose of this energy transmission, its simply called, the “Melanin Frequency.” They knew well, thousands of years ago, exactly what we would be facing today; a world full of “Anti-Divine” technologically advanced, forces, seeking to block the pre-ordained, predestined path of our greatest evolutionary empowerment.   

    “There is an energy vigil dedicated to the betterment of Melanin Dominant people worldwide.  It is called “Melanin Emerging Collective Consciousness Alignment.” (MECCA). There are groups across the world that pray and meditate for global peace and love.  Though this has benefited the world, it is obvious that more is needed to dissolve the systematic and individual oppression of melanin dominant people worldwide.  Our collective is transmitting frequencies right now for the betterment of our people globally.  Each week a different Melanin Dominant group is accountable for generating and holding the frequency. We began our conscious transmitting of the “Melanin Frequencyon the Fall Equinox 2019.” 

                                                                                   High Priestess, Maat em Maakheru Amen


This “Ancient Ancestral Olmec” pre-planned planetary program is in perfect alignment, with the needs of the planetary Melanin Dominant population of today.  Most specifically, this “Living Carbon” based program, offers unlimited assistance to all Melanin Dominant Soul’s, being “telepathically”, spiritually guided, on their greatest, clearest path of happiness, health and strength, attaining unto, 5th Dimensional “Immortality.”  We are few, but we are the POWER. We are 144,000 plus, and we now prepare, to assist in our global Healing and planetary Empowerment, just as our OLMEC ANCESTORS planned.      Light this Candle, invoke the “Fire Elemental” and let your heart’s purest intentions be made manifest.