As the Earthly expression of the “Cosmic Dark-Omega Mother”, it’s our natural birthright to use our naturally divine “Femi-nine powers.” Within the Cosmic Circle of these qualities”, we signify “9 powers.” Within these 9 lies the path and direction we all must take, to be in tune with the Universe, to be in tune with ourselves.  According to this present time, all “natural-human born Soul” life on this planet is created via the “Lunar based Womb”; and this “creation process”, is fueled by, governed by the Most Sacred Blood, which flows, every 28 days.

     Per “Maat em Maakheru Amen”, author of “Womb Evolution”, the “Femi-nine”, menstrual cycle mimics the cosmic process of a “Supernova.”  A Supernova in its simplest terms is created when a “Star/Sun” explodes.  The explosion of a Star, sends metals; iron, copper, all the elements, chemicals, as well as a “living intelligence” that will continue to specifically govern the evolution of these exploded particles. This event creates a new Solar System, of new planets, new moons, and the potential for new “organic life”, to come into existence.

     “When our matured ovum (egg) is not fertilized, it explodes and the uterine lining is expelled, along with blood.  These are the “building blocks for physical creation itself.  “Metaphysically”, “Alchemically”, and practically, “these elements and this power”, can be directed to change our lives!  In truth, on this planet, there is no “known substance”, that contains more raw energetic power, than that which comes from the Blood…the “Holy Chalice”, the “Womb of Life”, once every month.

     The “Candle is Anointed” with your own blood.  Using “intention” and harmonizing with the “Fire Element”… the process begins… Always first consideration is your own healing, your own harmonizing with your “Moon”, synchronizing all of your 4 bodies, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, with the true “Galactic Purpose” of this “Cosmic Menstrual Process .” With the assistance of the “Fire Elemental”, this Candle will “heal” the 4 bodies and align the “Sacred Lunar Flow”.  Once all is healthy, strong, and in divine order, whatever that may be to you.  Some of us are naturally not, 28 days…so the rule applies, but does not rule us.  With our health and strength, the focus is then gained, and according to the “Quantum Field” Mechanics, of “pure intention”, anything is possible!


This is the natural state of the feminine frequency. The power of this frequency is that of magnetizing all that is needed to live in happiness, health, and fulfillment.


A woman’s essence is naturally sensual and alluring. The power of this frequency is allowing the senses to move freely, passionately feeling the divine energy, of everything in each moment; discerning the “Anti-Divine” from “Divine.”


Whether or not we have birthed children, our physical form is naturally acclimated to the nurturing of others. This frequency aligns us with the softness, security, and safety of Mother’s arms, lap, breasts, voice, smell, and love.


A woman’s presence can heal an entire home in a matter of minutes. This frequency brings out Her divine femininity as an aphrodisiac healing potion.


Standing in her true power, she brings balance to all situations. This frequency illuminates the delicate balance of power, receptivity, and strength.


Never threaten a mother’s children! This frequency brings on the unrelenting and supernatural protection of the Mother.


How does a woman always know? This is the natural frequency of the divine feminine. This frequency takes woman’s intuition to the next level of knowing.


The creation of a body (pregnancy) from a catalyst (sperm) is pure “Alchemy.” All “Femi-nine” are planetary “Alchemist’s”, co-Creators, by nature. The Fire Element, the “Candle”, combined with the “Blood”, “Transmutes”, “catalyzes” according to the “Purity” of the “Intention.” Anything is possible, yet only what is most “evolutionary” will manifest.


Ever wonder why we have so many eggs in our ovaries? It was once understood that they stored and communicated the wisdom of the ancestors. Each egg, contains its own voice, its own message. This frequency amplifies the natural wisdom radiating from the feminine system.